Go Visible Project / Exhibition
We occasionally participate in interesting projects. It gives us the opportunity to learn new disciplines and techniques that we can implement in our daily practice. This time we successfully contributed with our Copycopycopyshop design to the GA Zichtbaar (GO Visible) exhibition. Initiated by Letterproeftuin & Graphic Workspace, GO Visible promotes print in general and graphic design in particular.

Print has an emotional quality that digital doesn't offer. We can not only look at it but also smell the ink and feel the paper or finishing. With print we can make a visual and haptic statement that underlines the messages. Craftsmanship is achieved through dedication, attention, experimentation and repetition… repetition… repetition….

Trail and error! We experimented a lot with heat-sensitive (silk-screen) inks. One big problem we encountered was the drying of the large ink areas. After research it turned out that UV light ensures the proper curing of this ink. We then hung all posters and cards on the exposure table in front of the UV lamp in the screen printing room. This proved the solution and saved our design.

During the exhibition, there was a lot of experimenting and interaction with the posters and cards. People pressed hands and faces against the heat-sensitive ink surfaces. Print is alive! What we did not foresee is that it gave us a lot of insight into user experience, the involvement of the audience into a design.

Special thanks
To Lara de Greef, Marieke Peters and the Graphic Workspace in general, who supported us in the process of screen-printing.
Recognition + Press
The impact of Copycopycopyshop was dramatic. The success led to international publications (Playful Graphics – Graphic Design That Surprises 2015 and Look at me! – New Poster Design 2015) and it received special attention on design blogs (a.o. vormplatvorm.nl, creativedigest.co.uk & printeresting.org).
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